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Case Studies - Coaching

1. Senior Manager in the Transport sector
There was a need for the Coachee to develop his strategic thinking and focus, and concentrate more specifically on the future direction of the business. Improvement of his time management and delegation skills would enable this shift of direction. A meeting took place between the Coachee, Corporate Sponsor and Coach to agree key coaching objectives and specific outcomes from the programme.

The programme was delivered over a six month period and comprised three face to face sessions with two telephone sessions in between.

The Coachee successfully achieved the outcomes through maximising his business time more effectively. His leadership and delegation skills improved, work/life balance increased and he secured internal promotion to a more senior role in the organisation.

2. Manager in the Legal sector

The Manager wanted to improve his face to face communication skills; in particular his personal impact with both internal and external customers.

The Manager gained insight into the negative impact his style had on others. Working with his coach, he focused on the following areas:

  • Self belief and confidence
  • Personal Branding
  • First Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Appearance

The Manager’s personal confidence, self esteem and performance increased. He actively sought feedback and received positive recognition regarding the noticeably, improved behaviour changes.

3. Senior Manager in the Manufacturing sector

First Class provided coaching enabling successful transition into a new role during a period of intensive change.  Specific goals were identified in conjunction with recent feedback provided from the organisation’s 360 Appraisal process. Three face to face coaching sessions took place at two monthly intervals with progress reviewed against specific outcomes. Ongoing support enabled speedier transition into the new role, and increased resilience and self confidence in a rapidly changing environment.

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