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Case Studies - Supervisory & Management Development

At Guthrie Douglas First Class worked with the management team as well as the whole organisation. For the managers the aim was to improve their competence and their programme was interspersed with away days to develop team working across the organisation. The managers underwent a programme of monthly workshops designed to meet the outcomes identified with their line managers. In between each workshop they reported back to their line managers plus completed work based assignments, testing new skills and techniques and identifying progress made.

The general aims for the managers’ programme were:
• To encourage them to work together and communicate with each other as a management team.
• To increase their confidence to take responsibility for their decisions and actions and reduce their dependence on the Directors to make decisions
• to be a forum for delegates to share knowledge and experience.
• to give an opportunity to develop skills, techniques and knowledge.
• to allow individuals to recognise, understand and explore their management role and their strengths and weaknesses.
• to encourage the transfer of learning into workplace performance

Topics and outcomes included:

The role of the management team
• Define the role and explain the key activities of the management team.
• Identify their position in the organisation and their key relationships.

Managing positive working relationships
• Identify barriers to effective relationships.
• Recognise the importance of constructive feedback.
• Examine how to improve managing conflict.
• Use techniques explored on the workshop to improve and maintain positive relationships at work.

Time Management
• Learn how to balance different priorities in their work.
• Learn techniques to manage their time more effectively.
• Recognise the key elements and benefits of delegating

Communicating with the team
• Identify the barriers to effective communication.
• Examine the key skills required for effective conversations

Getting the best from the team
• Explore the value of a team being made up of individuals with different strengths and management styles.
• Understand the nature of leadership and some of the skills required.
• Explore how to motivate a team and individuals.

The manager and customer service
• Understand the importance of good customer service.
• Explore their role in ensuring customers receive good service.
• Identify how they can motivate their team to give consistent and good ongoing customer service.

The team away days concentrated on improving communication and team working. The groups spent time getting to know each other and the different strengths and contributions each could make in working together as a whole team. It highlighted that each part of the company needed the others to be successful.

The workshops were practical and fun with discussions, group work, games and exercises.

Housing Association

We appointed a brand new team of managers as part of a major change in the way we manage our sheltered housing schemes. The success of the changes we were making was of crucial importance to us and we were putting this new team into a situation where they were very much under the spotlight. Whilst some of the managers had managed staff before, others had not and, for all of them, it was a brand new role. We knew we had to invest in a training programme which would equip them with the management skills they need to do their job, and would be flexible enough to run at a pace which accommodated the other pressures they faced. I think the outcome for us as an organisation and for the staff concerned was better than we could have hoped for. We have a very strong team of managers who used the training to build their confidence and to form strong bonds as a team. Watching them develop, and continue to do so, was brilliant, and the success of the implementation of our changes was in no small part due to the fact that all of them were able to apply the things they learned, on the training, to good effect.

Sue Bent, Director of Housing | Midlands based housing association

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