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Case Studies - Personal and Team Development

Creating and delivering memorable learning

First Class was called in for support following a recent restructure of the training resources of a local county council. It was felt that the training team needed to be re-energised following a testing time. The aim was that the training function was to not only look different but the offering felt different to service users.

Jennifer Penfold (Corporate Learning and Development Manager) said that “when the training function was “re-launched” at the beginning of 2010, it was essential to gain supportive buy in from key individuals within the organisation. A strategic link had to be established between training and the achievement of organisational objectives. Moreover, the value of training had to be seen as important and not just a “bolt on” or a day out of the office”

It was essential that best value was achieved through creative and memorable training and development that improved performance. To this end First Class developed a 3 day programme that took the team along a journey of discovery; uncovering new methods to inspire learning and refreshing tried and tested ones. It left the team on a high!

For those with responsibility for delivering training and development, keeping abreast of the latest theories and practices that help people to learn is essential.

Personal Development - ASRA Conference

First Class Working in UniversitiesAt their annual conference The Association for Student Residential Accommodation (ASRA) include a development programme. For the last three years First Class has been invited to present personal development topics in the following areas – Interview skills, Building the team, Work life balance, Presentation skills and Coping with change. The topics are chosen by the organising committee each year to reflect the needs of members.

Here are some testimonials:
Very good-refreshing previous training.
Fun, interesting, interesting taste of what First Class can do
Very well presented and informative.
A good reminder of things we need to do regularly

Team Development - The Conference Operation of a Midlands University

First Class Working in Universities First Class has been working with the organisation over a number of years. Initially the Head of Conference Services met First Class to define the vision and business objectives for the conference department and to agree how First Class could support their achievement.

First Class has facilitated three management away days with the following feedback from the client “The event provided an opportunity for the team across the site to plan strategically how they will take forward the business. The team enjoyed the opportunity to bond and work together in a relaxed, non-work environment. First Class used fun exercises to help them discover more about the value of their individual strengths within the team and on the success of the business. The team clarified their vision, values, agreed action plans and review dates. All believed it to be "really worthwhile and valuable time out”

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