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Our Learning and Development Style

First Class Learning & Development Style We all have a preferred learning style and so our workshops are designed to provide varied, enjoyable, multi-sensory learning experiences through a variety of different media using the whole space provided – floor, walls and table tops. Results are important and so activity is balanced with the need for reflection and thinking through and taking ideas into the workplace.

In all programmes there is a balance of the theory required to understand basic principles as well as their practical application. The relatively safe environment of the training room allows the opportunity to put theory into practice and allows the start of new neural links in the brain that will change the way individuals perform in the future.

First Class Learning & Development Style

“Learning is experience”

“Never do for learners what they can do for themselves and for each other.”

“Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information”

We believe that learning is about creation and not consumption. What does the learner need to learn rather than what do I we need to tell them?

Our style of delivery links to the success of the intervention. Individuals learn more if they are actively involved in the learning process and where all the potential learning styles of participants are engaged fully.

The delegates within any learning intervention must feel that they have control and input into any decisions and so we create a learning environment that is appropriate and engaging.

First Class - Learning & Development Using ‘brain based’ learning techniques, we maximise learning resulting in significantly reinforced memory and an enhanced ability to recall the information than would otherwise be the case. Multi sensory exploration of all topics is built in to meet the needs of all individuals’ representational systems, including maximised use of colour, space, light and logic. Part of our ethos is an obsession with the practical application of the learning to the daily roles of professional delegates – we train and advise for the implementation of ideas, concepts and techniques into people’s jobs, not for mere academic interest or cerebral enhancement. We believe that these components are vital if an organisation wants value for money from their training programmes. Our knowledge in this area, our development of new techniques and models, as well as our reputation, has led to us to working with organisations who want to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of training.

Research has shown that if those attending any learning event are in the right "state of mind" before they arrive; they are more receptive to learning. Everyone has some level of knowledge when they attend a programme and they need to focus on specific areas. Where an individual has identified in advance their personal objectives for a learning event, their mind looks for that information which makes the learning more effective. It is a bit like buying a new piece of clothing or car and then once you have bought it you seem to see the same one everywhere!

First Class Learning & Development Style When we invite delegates to a workshop we ask them to complete a pre-course questionnaire that helps us to tailor the workshops the needs of the individual and the organisation. This engages them before the workshop, focuses them on specific personal learning objectives and creates curiosity about the workshop.

Hermann Ebbinghaus, and his curve of forgetting, shows us that to aid the transfer of information from our short to long term memory we need to be reminded of information we have learnt several times after a learning event. To this end we contact participants a few days after the workshop and again up to a month later to prompt them to remember and use the information learnt. This may include back up information and photographs taken during the workshops.

What people say! will demonstrate the immense satisfaction of our client base which is largely due to our commitment to providing the very best service. First Class prides itself on developing a real understanding of both client and participant needs and does most of the hard work before the workshop or intervention to ensure that these are met.

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