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Mel Ashworth
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Mel Ashworth:

Creating and delivering successful and memorable training

First Class - Creating and delivering memorable training

In preparation

I would really like to know a bit more about you and what you would like from the workshop. There are a few questions attached that I would like you to answer and email them to me [email protected].

To further whet your appetite for the day please fill the questionnaire on the Accelerated Learning website http://www.acceleratedlearning.com/method/test_your_style.html and please bring the results with you. On the workshop we will explore further the theory and how you can use it.

Day 1

Welcome and domestics

What do you want to master from the workshop?

Setting the right frame of Mind for learning


“A picture says 1000 words” - and other ways to help the learner

Absorb the information


Helping the learner make Sense of new information


Things to help the learning stick!

Review and recap of the day


Preparation for day 2

Bring in ideas or topics you would like to develop or re-write.

Day 2

Thoughts overnight

Review of Day 1

Exhibiting learning


Winding up a workshop sending them out Ready to make a difference


Using all the tools available to us – PowerPoint, DVD/video etc


Master that! Working on your topics in small groups/pairs

Recap and review


In preparation for day 3

Feeding on the information you have about the structure and techniques for memorable learning, design a 20 minute training session.  Your audience will be your colleagues on the workshop.  It could be an existing session or something you will be delivering in the future.  This will give you the opportunity to test you new skills and hear their feedback.

Day 3

Individual sessions with peer feedback
Celebration, recap and review
Next steps

Post course follow up

Trainers forum

Testimonial from local county council delegate

Thanks for the update, as you said the memories came flooding back, sort of like strange holiday snaps!
The Brain Friendly course has had a marked effect on the way I train.

• I have banished tables.

• I now use laminates with pictures to support what I talk about on the PowerPoint, I put them up on the wall and people use them to refer back to during the training and write info down for themselves.

• I have included a slide with the spinal disc/doughnut theme on it (still wish I had a doughnut budget though).

• I use flip charts and get participants to take feedback (70/30)

• I have included a number of games and props.

• I try to pass on some of what you told us in my Training for Trainers course. I tell them to "make it sticky".

In general I think much more broadly about everything I pass on and feel sure I will make further changes in the future.

Many thanks for the interesting training and for the follow up emails.
Jill Grimley

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