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Mel Ashworth
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Mel Ashworth:

Interpersonal skills - 2 days

First Class - Learning and Development


• Increased awareness of individual levels of Emotional Intelligence and the role it plays in the workplace
• Understand what self-management means
• Devise a personal approach to relationship management
• Build confidence in being assertive day-to-day
• Identify the causes of stress and alleviate stressors
• Set strategies to become more influential
• Have a toolkit for handling difficult people


9.00am Welcome, domestics and objectives
Introductions exercise and scene-setting for the day.

10.00am Emotional Intelligence
Reviewing preparatory work to explore and heighten interpersonal awareness and needs.
Personal reflection.

11.00am Break

11.15am Self awareness exercise - looking at intrapersonal communication and day-to-day scenarios
Personal reflection

12.00pm Lunch

1.30pm How to challenge and learn from our definitions and behaviours within self management in terms of our choices and the consequences.
Personal reflection

2.30pm Relationship Management
Colourful exercise evoking recollections and ideas within less obvious, subtle and hidden communication. Conclusions are developed for maintaining positive relationships.
Personal reflection

3.15pm Break

3.00pm Assertiveness techniques – practicing simple tactics
Personal reflection

4.15pm Personal reflection, day review and evaluation. Overnight preparation for day 2 explained and prompt sheet distributed.

4.30pm Close

9.00am Welcome, domestics and objectives; Day 1 review exercise and scene-setting for the day.

10.00am Stress management
2 fast exercises to elicit existing stress-relieving methods and achievable fire fighting.
Personal reflection

11.00am Break

11.15am Influencing Skills
Scenario-based team exercise to use a variety of straightforward approaches.
Personal reflection

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Handling Difficult People
Imaginative exercise denoting desirable and appropriate behaviours in reaction to challenging relevant scenarios.
Personal reflection

2.30pm Consolidating learning
Game playing in order to explore various characteristics to tackle in others and what to “borrow” for a personal action plan and developing one’s communication style.
Includes Break
Personal reflection

3.15pm Personal planning
Analogies are used to review specific parts of the programme and highlight umbrella strategies for personal action plans.
Personal reflection

4.00pm Time for personal reflection, final review and evaluation

4.30pm Close

Delivered to Barnet Homes, CIMA Courses & Conferences, RLF, Finance Project Professionals

A 2-day Assertiveness programme for middle managers in 2006 for Barnet Homes. Delivered as a day programme as part of the (initial) Accredited Leadership Development Programme 1st year for RLF in 2007 (ILM Accreditation Pending.) Also used for training the national Administrative Team for RLF in 2007. The material has contributed to various other clients and events including “Managing your manager” training for Warwickshire College and “Assertiveness for Leadership” for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. 

Emotional Intelligence was covered as part of the Communications Skills Module for RLF’s Leadership Development Programme mentioned above. Also Negotiating was delivered as one day module.

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