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Minute Taking

Minute Taking - First Class - Learning & DevelopmentOutcomes
By the end of the workshop you will;

- Feel confident in the roles and responsibilities of each party in a meeting.
- Have a checklist to help you prepare for a meeting.
- Have tips and techniques to assist you in taking and writing up minutes that accurately reflect a meeting.
- Have contributed to developing a consensus for the layout of minutes for the organisation.


9.00am Welcome
The purpose of minutes and different types

Roles and responsibilities in a meeting

Preparing for a meeting – with or without notice!

Developing confidence in your role

The style of the minutes

Tips for effective note taking

Writing up your notes

Tips and guidance on business English

Review, recap and evaluate

5.00pm Close

Testimonial from one of the participants:

“Many thanks Helen, and although I have been recording minutes for some time now, I did appreciate the tips that were shared last Thursday.
Desk accessories also gave food for thought!

Thanks again” | Helen Jennings

"I do remember the day, and have changed the way I take minutes since then. I now summarise more briefly and save myself a lot of time and effort!"

Keep up the good work. | Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

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