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Pandemic Preparation Workshop - don?t be an ostrich!

Swine Flu Pandemic Preparation Workshop

This one day workshop, designed and delivered by First Class in association with Influenza Protection Ltd, will help you to prepare your business to survive the predicted pandemic. You will examine your business and using a Business Continuity Toolkit identify where you need to take action and begin to develop/review your practices, procedures and policies.


In preparation for the workshop please read the information attached and bring along with your organisation?s Human Resourses policies, list of suppliers and key customers. Please also complete the questionnaire attached and return to [email protected] a week before the workshop.


By the end of this workshop you will:
• Understand the nature and threat of a pandemic
• Have begun to identify some of the simple precautions needed to prevent your staff from contracting the virus
• Have a list of policies and procedures you need to clarify and have in place to be able to maintain your business activity in the event of high levels of absence
• Have considered guidelines for maintaining communication with employees, customers and suppliers

Outline programme


Welcome, introductions, objectives and domestics

The background and review of the facts
What is a pandemic?
The history of pandemics
What is swine flu?
What are anti-virals?

Don’t be an ostrich!! – preventative measures

What is business continuity planning?
Introduction to the Business Continuity Toolkit

How is this relevant to my organisation?
Mapping out the business activities to highlight the key areas to tackle

Policies and procedures you need to look after your
- People
- Systems
- Suppliers
- Business

Keeping lines of communication open – what to tell people; when and how

Planning the next steps

Recap and review



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