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Presenting with confidence

Presenting with Confidence


By the end of the workshop you will have:
• Outlined the structure, purpose and content of a successful presentation
• Practised and received feedback on your presentation skills
• Tips and techniques for designing and using visual aids
• Practised techniques to maximise your personal impact

In preparation
Decide on a topic of interest to you, work or non-work related, about which you could deliver a 5 – 10 minute presentation with 3 or 4 PowerPoint slides. Bring information, any props and pictures (on a laptop or memory stick to be used in the PowerPoint presentation) that you feel will be useful to making a memorable presentation. The focus of the workshop will be how to present the information.

It will be extremely beneficial to you to bring a laptop.



Welcome, outcomes and domestics

Your presentation - an outline for the group

At the beginning - what is the purpose and who are the audience?

The structure of your presentation
- Introduction, main body and conclusion

Tricks of the trade - making notes, calming nerves, tips on body language, dealing with questions and answer sessions

Preparation time

Practise and feedback
- an opportunity to deliver a 5-10 minute presentation to the group

Review, reflect and evaluation



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