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Team building - you are the strongest link

Team building - you are the strongest link

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A customer’s perception of an organisation is a good as the last person with whom they had contact.


By the end of the workshop participants will:
• Appreciate the value of their customer service role within the University.
• Recognise the benefits of good customer service.
• Have identified potentially weak links in the service chain.
• Be committed to two areas where they can improve the service given to customers.

Workshop Summary

During this participative workshop the group will draw on their experiences as both customers and service providers dealing with customers on a day to day basis. There will be value from discussions between individuals from different “departments” which will enable them to begin to develop an understanding of difficulties for each area. The workshop will also encourage discussion and commitment to enhanced levels of customer service. Everyone will leave the session with a reminder of their commitment to improvement.

From each session there will be a master list of ideas for improving customer service for both internal and external customers. There will also be a master list of the commitments made by each individual. Lasting benefit from the time invested in these workshops will be aided by commitment from managers to support individuals on participants’ return to the workplace. An active interest through listening, exploring and implementing as many of the ideas created as possible will begin to foster an environment of continuous improvement. As part of the commitment to continual improvement, it is suggested that a small cross store working group be formed. Their remit would be to look at any of the remaining issues from the workshops and report back on success.



Introductions, domestics and sharing expectations for the workshop.

Definition and benefits of good customer service.

Who is the customer and how does this change their expectations?

When is a customer not a customer – when they are a student?

What is the chain of events in the customer’s experience?

Where are the potential weak links?

Strengthening the weak links – looking at how to improve the service within each department and between departments/areas.

My role – commitment to improving one weak link within “my department/area” and one between “my department and one other”.

Any questions

Review and recap




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