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Mel Ashworth
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Testimonials - WiRE

Just thought I would drop a line following the Confidence and Negotiating Skills Workshop with WiRE last Monday because I thought this was a bit spooky and not least a bit impressive.

I got home from the course and was greeted by an email from a potential client who wanted me to a reduction on price. I had already moved a little for them the previous week and the tone of the email indicated that unless I could reduce a bit more the business would probably not go ahead. Somehow I responded quite confidently and assertively that I was not prepared to come down further, gave a very brief justification of why I would not move and put the ball back in their court by asking for confirmation by return that the workshop would go ahead on Friday or not so that I could release up the day and save myself the preparation. Not only did the workshop go ahead, I got a very prompt apology for "queering the pitch" and spoiling the anticipation of what was a very personal service.

Not only that ...... next day another client (a big hotel chain) started the same negotiating process - trying to knock down the price per person of an extensive roll out of my services throughout the chain nationwide. Remembering one of the things referred to on your course, I offered them an alternative - yes I could reduce the price but they would not get the full monty. Suggested that they could have the reduced price per person as long as products such as the wallets were not included and each client could have the option of buying this independently of the course and the hotel. So basically I still get my price for service but the merchandise is kept separate. (They have happily gone for this and I am waiting now for dates). The fact that I think they are spoiling the ship for a ha'pth of tar seems not to occur to them. The goodwill from staff of having the full session would have repaid itself over and over again - but then that's another course ....... for them!

The reason I write to you is to confirm (with some surprise) that sometimes you go on these courses and don't think that much has sunk in or has been fundamentally useful in the short term. I was delighted to be able to put into practice just these couple of things immediately after the course and guess what ..... it does wonders for your confidence!

So thank you and look forward to seeing you on other courses.

Lesley Dilks | House of Colour

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