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Alex Kendall

Alex KendallQualifications: M. Phil.in Training and Development; Diploma in Training Management; BPS Levels A and B

Alex is a qualified, skilled and experienced Leadership Development Specialist. She is an excellent communicator and puts people at their ease so that they can learn well and have fun at the same time! Her passion is to help organisations succeed by tapping into the potential of their employees. She helps people to tease out the real issues and get to root cause, and works with groups/ individuals to capitalise on their strengths and to recognise what they need to work on to achieve success.

Circumstances in organisations are rarely simple or straightforward. Alex works sensitively alongside her clients to identify the real issues and to establish a pragmatic development solution. Learning is powerful, transferable and relevant to the challenges facing an organisation, thereby providing excellent payback. She combines energetic, creative and innovative learning with logic, thought, analysis and strategy.

Alex is the co-author of ‘The Z-A of Coaching’, and two questionnaire and development guides for managers and leaders: ‘’The Leadership Workout’ and ‘The Coaching Workout’.

Areas of expertise: Leadership and Management Development, Supervisor Development, Coaching, Coaching Skills for Leaders, Facilitation, Team Development, Change Management, Presentation Skills, Assertiveness, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Psychometric Assessment, working with individuals to rebuild self-esteem and effectiveness following difficult situations

What people say about Alex as a Coach and Facilitator:

Thank you for all your support/advice and guidance on my team’s development I can genuinely see results starting to emerge…and on a personal note thank you also for coaching me through this process. I am really pleased with the outcomes of the development programme– better than I could have hoped for! I have to say that I am so proud of how my new team are responding – they are certainly developing right in front of my eyes! (Director 2011) Effective at any level from front line up to Director, you adapt your style to make sure that development meets the needs of everyone involved.
(Director, Manufacturing)

We use you because you provide what we need, which through dialogue and discussion may be different to what we think we need. It’s this dialogue that sets you apart from many other providers. (HR Director, Housing Trust) There’s no formula delivery with you: everything is tailored to our needs and delivered in a way which is in tune with the culture of our organisation.
(Senior HR Manager, Housing Trust)

What’s different for me? I am listening more and not giving solutions so much. I have had some quick wins. The Coaching in Leadership programme has helped me with managing new areas of responsibility.
(Senior Manager – Local Authority 2011)

Our team is facing some wider organisational challenges which we cannot do a lot about so it was important that our day together gave us tools to take away as individuals as well as greater team resilience to face the future....working with you enabled us to quickly move away from the things we cannot change and focus on actions which we can deliver. It was a reaffirming day which made us feel good about ourselves and we all enjoyed it.
(Senior Executive – Government Body 2011)

We use you because you do the job we want you to do. We trust you with our students. They trust you. You are as indispensable as they come.
(Senior Lecturer INLOGOV University of Birmingham 2009)

Clients include: InCommunities; Alzheimer’s Society; Birmingham City Council, University of Birmingham, Acetate; George; Walsall MBC; Sector Skills Council – Alliance Wales; CV One

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